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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's when this blog is full with spider's web

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

When I log in to this blog, I saw the last post being posted was almost a month ago.
On behalf of atifabdullah and AllTheseIndescribableFeelings, I apologise to those who interested to read this blog.
Oh yes, let's not be rude shall we. Sorry, for not introducing myself. I'm Jay. Just put it there. Not Jay sean or 'J' MIB or JJ Hitz Fm. Just Jay.
Am I a girl or a guy? That should be private and confidential. All that you should know is that, I've known atif for a very very long time.
FYI, I'm atif's collaborator in making this blog a success. I mean not to be abandoned just like that. He took a great effort to build this blog and I hate to let him wasting it.
And also not-to-forget the reader or maybe readers who read this blog, as a sign of respect I'll keep this blog active( before I get myself busy again)
While he is busy doing what ever he is doing right now, let me write something here.
Let's start with something little before we talk about something big.

1.Why atif always start his post with assalamualaikum?

Beside the fact that he is a Muslim, which is a proper manner to start a speech or sort, he also told me that assalamualaikum is kind of a prayer. In english it means 'may peace be upon you'. It's just the way he wants to appreciate the readers who come to read his blog (at least, that's what he told me). And for the very good day mate is for the non-muslim who happen to read his blog (If there's any)

2.Why atif named this blog AllTheseIndescribableFeelings?

He just said "it's indescribable". Maybe some of you know better.

Maybe that's all for a start. I will write something else later.
I hate to be rude. I hate myself for that. And for that, if I can't tell you my actual name or my gender I can at least show you my picture. Yes. That will be good.

My picture during recent earth hour.

Sorry. Even though I'm a bit naive but I'm quite certain that I'm not stupid. =)

Maybe the way that I write a post will differ from atif's but the points that we both want to share will be much similar. Thanks to atif for the guide lines. =p
It's an honour to have my humble words here and thanks again to atif for that.
I hope you guys can accept me writing my ramblings here.
Until then.

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!