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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's when I write rubbish....seriously don't read (2).

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Sajelah nak mengisi masa lapang dan memenuhkan entry blog ni.
Tulis campur2 tak kesah kan?
Seriously, the yearning to live the high school life again has grew more and more for me.
I miss the innocent life being a student where offences and wrongdoings always accompanied by the feeling of regrets.
Not to say nowadays I commit offences with joy and blithe heart, but the current feeling of regrets over the delinquency made is just different.
For example: Back in high school, I'll always feel offended when someone cursed or saying bad words even though the words were not meant for me. And I used to say
"weyh, mencarut je keje, kau tak tau dosa ke?" (takde la skema mcm tu ayat...more or less)
(see how innocent I was)
(ok, smue boleh muntah sekarang!)

Now, in this university taboo words are the most common words being used by certain students.
And what do I do or tell them?
I do nothing but quiet.
(see how not soo innocent I am now)

Well, the conclusion is easy.Sorilah merapu banyak.
The conclusion is I miss the innocent world of high school.

Ceritera carutan:

1) Kalau org sebut nama kita kat tempat lain, petanda die kita tersedak kan?
Kalau orang sebut nama bab* (mencarut) , bab* tersedak la kat hutan tu?
binatang tu boleh tersedak ke?

2) Jangan bukak facebook dalam gelap. Nanti tak nmpak keypad nak tulis or balas comment.
Hampir terjadi: Ada orang add as friend.
comment:Thanks for the a**......
Opps..sori tak nmpak.
Thanks for the add!

gantikan ** dengan huruf disebelah kiri 'D'..maka terserlahlah kesopananmu..hehe

Ok, done crapping.
Sorry for wasting your time.
But anyway....

Thanks For Reading Guys!
Take Care!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's when life has its own way......

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Just now I came across a quotation from Jane Rubietta
(jgn tanya sapa makhluk ni, siya pun ndak tau sapa) saying:
Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.
And it came across my mind about a situation which
I had experienced back in high school & university which suits the quotation above.

When I was a 1st former, I went to this one audition to join the nasyeed team of the school and how lucky I was for being selected in the team by the 5th former at that time. But there was a problem when the capable 'singing bees' from my batch exceeded the limit that they actually wanted. They wanted 6, 7 or so, but they ended up got us 15 altogether.
So I cut short the story, there was a second audition the next year
(when I was 2nd former) or better known as the elimination audition.
And yes, you guessed it. I was eliminated.
I don't mind though if I get kicked out from the team but knowing that I got myself kicked out based on bias ground, I was so displeased by the senior in conduct. Oh what the heck. I tried to get over it and I did.
So, getting in the nasyeed team was a failure, so I tried for the debate team.
And voila!
I made it!
Allah certainly knows what is the best for me.

Maybe I shouldn't put the blame on the senior who kicked me out from the nasyeed team.
Maybe he was just 'the cause and effect' from Allah for a certain thing to happen.
And I was happy with the debate team. More than that, I found out that singing is just my hobby and debating is my actual passion.
So then, I lived my life in high school as a school debater (walaupun takde la power mane kan).
Met a lot of new faces with different attitudes. Learned not just how to debate but also to
co-operate and bla bla bla.....

Ok. Forget about the story for a while. Lets get back to the quotation above, based on my experience: YES someone had stolen my dream from me. YES I was angry because of it. YES I was sad. YES I managed to heal it by doing other stuff. But do I get to restore the dream? Is it possible as the quotation suggested?

So. To begin the story with, yesterday, I searched my previous school's logo over the internet (for assignment purpose) and found other picture which had caught my attention. A picture that triggered me to write on this blog today.
A picture that had brought good memories of high school back to life.

Siapakah mereka?(owh skemanya ayatku =p)
They are the english debaters, oh pardon me...
were english debaters back in high school.

One thing that I treasured the most being a debater is that I learned to work and debate with my teammates not as a team but as a family.
Regardless English or Malay debaters when we go to certain tournaments
we strutted our ways as a family together.
Was I a good debater? I'm not really sure.
But, what I'm really sure is that,
I was happy in the debate team.
And up until now, I'm still glad that I was in the debate's clan and not the nasyeed's.

Now that, I'm already in a University, I wonder if I can do the same thing again.

I haven't try out for the debate team but,
Last week, I tried out for my college's nasyeed team (tak serik sungguh aku ni).
Dapat ke?
Oh soalan itu. Jawapannye di bawah. Teruskan membaca.

Yesterday's morning Selena buat bising menandakan ade message masuk (message tone la maksudnye) lampi sungguh bagi anda yang masih lagi tidak memahami.
Apsal aku tukar Bahasa Melayu pulak ni?
Takpe la.Bahasa jiwa bangsa.
The message sounds, I mean read like this:

Salaam. tahniah!anda
tlh dipilih ntok
Skilas, kelab nasyid
kte akn adekan
......bla bla bla.

And yes. I'm in!
Seronot la tu ye atif
I don't really get excited about it, as I said earlier, singing is just something I like.
Not my passion.
Maybe I should start to join the debate club in the faculty too in the near future.
kau ni,baru asasi je...
But, not to forget my main objective of coming to the university of course: studay hard & smart man!
Do remind me of that!
But hey, wait. Don't you realize?
It fulfilled the last sentence of the quotation : I got myself in the college's nasyeed team and YES I get to restore my high school dream to join a nasyeed team.Even though it's a bit late.

So ladies & gentlemen.......

The lessons learned are:

1. Just because you don't get what you want now,
doesn't mean you would not get it forever.
It's just a matter of time

2. Putting our faith in Allah is necessary in achieving a dream.
Allah knows better while we are not.

3. Letting other people to stop us from getting to our dream, is stupid.

4. Life is a path that we have to follow with a faith in the heart and determination in mind.
When everything doesn't seem to turn right, turn left then. Seek possibilities in every difficulties.

Oh crap! Bajet proffessor lah kau atif!

All right peeps.
I think that's enough for today.
See you on the next post.

Thanks For Reading.
Take Care!

p/s: sakitnye gigiku!