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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's when I write rubbish...seriously Don't Read.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Why are you so stubborn?
How do I know you are stubborn?
Because, you would not know that I call you stubborn if you don't read this post in the first place.
Okay, I give you a chance to navigate away from this page A.S.A.P.
I'll count 1 to 10 and I'll be expecting you to leave this page.
Okay, I take that as a yes.










If you are still reading this, there would be only three explanations for it.

1. You don't understand English.
2.You are very curious on what actually I want to write about.
or maybe 3. You are just really a stubborn person.

Seriously, you'll puke after you read what I wanna write after this.
You don't mind?
Oh well, I can't stop you anyway.
But, don't blame me.

You Have Been Warned!

Nowadays, there is one thing people like to do in their blogs.
'Thing' that they call tagging.
Mizani Akmar tagged me in one of her post and as a sign of respect for her request, I'll answer all those questions.

1. How tall she should be?
I wont specify the height, and I don't want to sound mean.
But if possible, not too tall and not too short.
Slightly shorter than me is good enough.

2.What hair colour should she has?
Natural colour. The colour she was born with.

3.What kind of personality should she has?
If possible, humble and personality that necessarily complement to mine. =p

4.Older or younger?
If possible, younger or at least the same age.

5.What film actress should she most be like?
None. Actress acts.
I like naturality.
But, if you insist, Tiz Zaqyah in Nur kasih. hoho

6.What singer should she be most like?
In term of voice, if possible Taylor swift.
Tapi kalau tak boleh nyanyi pun takpe.

7.Do they need to cook?
Of course! No compromise.

8.What is her best body part?
Allah created the shapes and sizes of His servants for a reason.
Sempurna sifat sudah cukup.

9.What car should she drive.
Any car that looks like a car and IS a car. Equipped with airbags and other safety devices.

10.What one thing completely turns you on?
that 3 words. haha..somehow I feel funny to answer this.

11.Who was the girl on your mind when you were doing this survey?
Really wanna know?
Honestly, none currently.
I'm very sleepy right now.

12. Tag 6 people to do this survey to.
Taknakla. No forcing.
If you read this, feel free to do it.

Have you puke already?
like I said.
You have been warned.

Thank you for reading.

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's when the underdog emerged from the sewer

Assalamualaikum and very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

I wonder where is Jay. Never mind. If she/he comes back probably lotsa news and stories will be brought up.
On this post, I would like to show the results and journey of SMAPK's english debate team in the recent 9th IIUM Interschool Debating Championships.

MRSM Balik Pulau vs SMAPK


THW introduce sex education in Malaysia schools

SMAPK vs MRSM Lenggong


MOTION(Crime & Punishment)
THW allow the use of convict for national projects

SMAPK vs Sekolah Seri Puteri


THBT athletes should be suspended for gross social indecencies

SMAPK vs SMK Assunta


THW give swimming classes to countries who are sinking due to global warming



THW ban any depiction of minors engaging in consensual sex on tv

SMK(L) Methodist KL vs SMAPK


MOTION(Airline & Travel)
THBT overweight airline passengers should be made to pay a weight-surcharge

SMK(L) Methodist KL Won


THW never give the death penalty to anybody ever.....and ever



THW entitle housewives and househusbands to claim a fixed wage from their working spouses



THW force doctors to divulge information requiring suspected domestic violence cases


---the end---

The journey was really exciting. Hope SMAPK will sustained such performance and improve more for the next tournament next year.
Thank you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's when THBT I've spend my previous week in a very different way

Assalamualaikum and a very good day I bit to all!
Dear Readers,

Standing as the moderator of this blog, I strongly support this motion whereby I believe my experience for the past 6 days had proven on how this motion should stand by the end of this post.
Ladies and gentlemen,
As I made my way to UIA last 6 days, I probably don't expect something extraordinary situations will happen around me.
In other words, I'm expecting another typical kind of journey that I usually had before.
But, I was indeed wrong when, even the first day I was in KL, something really really unexpected
occurrences occur at the very evening I arrived.
I cannot tell you anything about that 'occurrence' in detail, as it suppose to be a secret. But, I believe it will be divulged sooner or later. Nevertheless, I don't want to do the job of spreading the story.


Okay okay, maybe I'm a bit too 'over' if I write this post as in debating speech form. LOL
What can I say debating is one thing that I found really serious but at the same time can be entertaining. Oh no. Am I a true NERD for saying so?


Oh, who cares. What's wrong of being nerdy anyway.
For those who don't know, I was in IIUM a.k.a UIAM last 6 days supporting mentally and every aspects that I could to the team that I had grown up together with back in my debating years.
Alhamdulillah, they reached to Quarter Final in that 9th interschool debating championships.


Very impressive indeed! and I was glad to cherish the moments together with them.
Not-to-forget: thanks to fitri and miza who went all the way from their respected houses to join the crowd.

Done with debate story.

Here,I would like to congratulate my pakcik and acik for the new member of the family.
Welcome to the family :
Muhammad Adam Mikail
Sangat comel!

Isn't he adorable?
Praise be to Allah for this baby into the family.
May he will soon grow up to be a very good boy.

Done with the baby story.

Next, to Afiq Yassim a.k.a anak pak Yassim.
Congrates! Felicitations! Cest maqnifique!
Good luck fitting yourself in the preparation program for middle east medicine.
InsyaAllah we'll meet again next time before you go to Jordan. That time please don't do the same "mistake" ya! haha
Afiq, you know what I mean.

Actually, I have so many things to tell, but I don't have the exertion to continue writing.
Understandably, how could I cramp 6 days stories in one post.
So, ladies and gentlemen, with that I'm proudly ending this post.

Thank you!
Take care guys!

p/s:thanks a lot for the new readers, I notice number 12 had raised up to 17.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

What do you want in life?
A question that no human would possibly could answer with a 'dot' in the end.
I believe it's a norm to the philosophical anthropology that desire of a normal humankind is somehow flagrantly knows no boundaries.
Me myself has so much things in the list that I always got flustered by the dreams to an extend that I don't know where and when to begin.

Nonetheless, there are some who have achieve their badly desired dreams and change those dreams into reality.
Thus, I dedicated this post to my friends who had passed SPM with technicolour.
I simply awed by the staggering capability of the few friends who managed to get up to 11 A+
be it SMAPK friends or from other schools.
Guys, my hats off to all of you!
Yes, including you who read this.
For friends who I assumed had done a lot for me for the past 5 years,
take this video I have made as a sign of thank you.

Some might have made up their mind, with or without scholarships he wants to study abroad.
And some have decided that local education is the best for them.
No matter what we choose for our future, I hope it's going to be the best for us eventually.
May the 'flight' we'll be taking, the 'fligh't of success will take us to a destination that we have been visualize in our dreams.
And whatever it is, I hope time and 'situations' will not change us to something that we have been dreaded to become and in contrary we will become a better person: mind and soul
Do tell me if I change to someone that I don't even want to be in the future
May Allah guide us all the way....

Little trivia about this short clip:
I took two days to make this clip. This is my second attempt of doing such video.
Sorry for those who are not in the vid.
Those pics are the only pics I got from few friends mentioned in the vid.
If there should be any elements that hurts somebody's feelings in the vid, I apologies for that. None is intended.

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's when knowledge is important

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Like those who had done reading this blog before, would certainly recognise that this blog has two authors, who are me(atif) and Jay.
I warmly welcome her, him or whatever Jay is to write here.
And maybe, just maybe I'll invite other guest authors to write here as well.
That would be fun!

Today, I want to introduce three books that you guys would probably would want to read.
Get these books A.S.A.P on your shelf.
Here they are:

13 Reasons Why

This book is about a girl who commit suicide and leave 13 recorded tapes for 13 'selected' friends to listen on why she died.
It's a book that suitable for guys and girls.
One thing that will arouse your interest to read this book is that, this book has a blog which where you can listen to those tapes. Yes, the dead girl's voice will tell you every single reason why she decided to kill herself.
I will wait for this book to be made into movie soon.
On my personal opinion it could hit the box office.
Maybe Christoper Columbus is suitable for the job.
FYI, Jay Asher has nothing to do with Jay. They are two different persons.


The Name Of This Book Is Secret

No, it's not that I don't want to tell you the title of the book. But that is the title!
I'm tired of answering people who asked me:
ppl:What are you reading?
ppl:Why is it has to be a secret?
Me:No, you don't get it. I'm reading secret.
ppl: Yes, and I'm asking you why it has to be a secret?
and so on~

It's kinda book that would much suitable for a child, but it's actually a good book for others as well. And warning! For those who don't like suspense or secrets, this book is not for you.
I was annoyed by this book at first but at the same time it kept me going to read it.
It's interesting.
It's about a journey of two weird kids.
Another book that I think will soon be made into a movie.
Perhaps, Mel Stuart could do the job well.
Special features: It contains wide vocabulary, good words and nice sentence structures.
It also teaches you on how to do simple yet exciting experiments.

Last but not least:


How about this one?
Looks familiar?
Of course it's kinda familiar.
It's actually a parody to the renown vampire saga: Twilight
For those who like parodies, this book will be a hilarious one to read, by a condition that you have read Twilight novel or at least watch the movie.
I guess this will soon be in cinema, just like scary movie, superhero movie and such.
We leave that for Mr. David Zucker or Keenen Ivory Wayans to do the job.
Anyway, for those who don't really like parodies, don't read this book.
It will annoy you much!
Think about Bella Swan turn to Bell Goose....

Those three books I've done reading, well actually I haven't done with the 13 Reasons Why.
On my way to finish it.
In a conclusion, after reading those books, my vocabulary is improved(not so true =p) and somehow my general knowledge is also ameliorated.
Based on the common phrase, 'you are what you eat',
I also believe in 'you are what you read'.
Thus, let's us all read to become a better person and create a better earth to live in.
Cewah, mcm politik pulak.
Ok then, I think I have to stop now.

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!

p/s: no copyright infringement intended in this post. TQ.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's when this blog is full with spider's web

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

When I log in to this blog, I saw the last post being posted was almost a month ago.
On behalf of atifabdullah and AllTheseIndescribableFeelings, I apologise to those who interested to read this blog.
Oh yes, let's not be rude shall we. Sorry, for not introducing myself. I'm Jay. Just put it there. Not Jay sean or 'J' MIB or JJ Hitz Fm. Just Jay.
Am I a girl or a guy? That should be private and confidential. All that you should know is that, I've known atif for a very very long time.
FYI, I'm atif's collaborator in making this blog a success. I mean not to be abandoned just like that. He took a great effort to build this blog and I hate to let him wasting it.
And also not-to-forget the reader or maybe readers who read this blog, as a sign of respect I'll keep this blog active( before I get myself busy again)
While he is busy doing what ever he is doing right now, let me write something here.
Let's start with something little before we talk about something big.

1.Why atif always start his post with assalamualaikum?

Beside the fact that he is a Muslim, which is a proper manner to start a speech or sort, he also told me that assalamualaikum is kind of a prayer. In english it means 'may peace be upon you'. It's just the way he wants to appreciate the readers who come to read his blog (at least, that's what he told me). And for the very good day mate is for the non-muslim who happen to read his blog (If there's any)

2.Why atif named this blog AllTheseIndescribableFeelings?

He just said "it's indescribable". Maybe some of you know better.

Maybe that's all for a start. I will write something else later.
I hate to be rude. I hate myself for that. And for that, if I can't tell you my actual name or my gender I can at least show you my picture. Yes. That will be good.

My picture during recent earth hour.

Sorry. Even though I'm a bit naive but I'm quite certain that I'm not stupid. =)

Maybe the way that I write a post will differ from atif's but the points that we both want to share will be much similar. Thanks to atif for the guide lines. =p
It's an honour to have my humble words here and thanks again to atif for that.
I hope you guys can accept me writing my ramblings here.
Until then.

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!