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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Killing the time

Assalamualaikum and very good day!

Today and also for tomorrow, classes all over UiTM Shah Alam have been and will be cancelled due to the academic conference the lecturers have to attend.
Well mostly.
So, today my brother asked me to go out, testing my driving skills around Shah Alam
(skill la sngt)
We went to Sunway Pyramid looking for something to do.

First, because I was famished we went to Carl's Jr. to eat.

You know how big their burgers are right?

*picture of the burger tak sempat nak snap, due to terlalu lapar. xD

Fries dia pun besar gedabak.

Conclusion: sngt kenyang!

Ka cing!
RM 29.65 for super star combo and chilli fries

After that, we went to the prayer room for Zohor prayer.

Third activity was:

(credit to kakak archery for the pic)

ada gaya Legolas tak? haha

Yes, archery: takes me back to the sabah vacation in 2009.

Ka cing!
RM16 for 32 arrows I think.

Fourth activity was:

(poyo gila nak letak G2000)

This is because I'm not that rich to shop at G200 everyday.
So, with humble heart, today was the first time I bought something there.
Which is:

My first cufflinks shirt.
from G2000.
(ye saya memang mengada nak jugak pakai cufflinks shirt)

For dinner purpose and also for formal attire every Monday.
Sangat tak membazir.

Ka cing!
RM84.50 only.

Total amount spend today:
Ka cing! Ka cing! Ka cing!
That is so gay =_='

RM 130.15


See how I told you what a giant money sucker I am. haha
Never mind though.
I don't feel like I lost anything today.
I was happy and the money spend was worth it.
After this, kene jimat la pulak. =)
Wish my other siblings could join.
Maybe later.
My treat perhaps?

Then I drove back to UiTM SAFELY
At 6 have to go for the rehearsal for the dinner for prize giving ceremony.
Rehearsal was okay and hope everything will be okay for dinner.
Takdela issue macam batch last year.

That's all for today,
Thanks for reading guys!