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Albert Einstein

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's when knowledge is important

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Like those who had done reading this blog before, would certainly recognise that this blog has two authors, who are me(atif) and Jay.
I warmly welcome her, him or whatever Jay is to write here.
And maybe, just maybe I'll invite other guest authors to write here as well.
That would be fun!

Today, I want to introduce three books that you guys would probably would want to read.
Get these books A.S.A.P on your shelf.
Here they are:

13 Reasons Why

This book is about a girl who commit suicide and leave 13 recorded tapes for 13 'selected' friends to listen on why she died.
It's a book that suitable for guys and girls.
One thing that will arouse your interest to read this book is that, this book has a blog which where you can listen to those tapes. Yes, the dead girl's voice will tell you every single reason why she decided to kill herself.
I will wait for this book to be made into movie soon.
On my personal opinion it could hit the box office.
Maybe Christoper Columbus is suitable for the job.
FYI, Jay Asher has nothing to do with Jay. They are two different persons.


The Name Of This Book Is Secret

No, it's not that I don't want to tell you the title of the book. But that is the title!
I'm tired of answering people who asked me:
ppl:What are you reading?
ppl:Why is it has to be a secret?
Me:No, you don't get it. I'm reading secret.
ppl: Yes, and I'm asking you why it has to be a secret?
and so on~

It's kinda book that would much suitable for a child, but it's actually a good book for others as well. And warning! For those who don't like suspense or secrets, this book is not for you.
I was annoyed by this book at first but at the same time it kept me going to read it.
It's interesting.
It's about a journey of two weird kids.
Another book that I think will soon be made into a movie.
Perhaps, Mel Stuart could do the job well.
Special features: It contains wide vocabulary, good words and nice sentence structures.
It also teaches you on how to do simple yet exciting experiments.

Last but not least:


How about this one?
Looks familiar?
Of course it's kinda familiar.
It's actually a parody to the renown vampire saga: Twilight
For those who like parodies, this book will be a hilarious one to read, by a condition that you have read Twilight novel or at least watch the movie.
I guess this will soon be in cinema, just like scary movie, superhero movie and such.
We leave that for Mr. David Zucker or Keenen Ivory Wayans to do the job.
Anyway, for those who don't really like parodies, don't read this book.
It will annoy you much!
Think about Bella Swan turn to Bell Goose....

Those three books I've done reading, well actually I haven't done with the 13 Reasons Why.
On my way to finish it.
In a conclusion, after reading those books, my vocabulary is improved(not so true =p) and somehow my general knowledge is also ameliorated.
Based on the common phrase, 'you are what you eat',
I also believe in 'you are what you read'.
Thus, let's us all read to become a better person and create a better earth to live in.
Cewah, mcm politik pulak.
Ok then, I think I have to stop now.

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!

p/s: no copyright infringement intended in this post. TQ.


atifabdullah said...

enjoy reading...

mieza_707 said...

salam alaik.. heyya atif, thanks a lot for suggesting those books.. seems like they're interesting enough 2 b on my bookshelf.. haha.. i always crave for new books to read, an irreversible bookworm ia am.. haha.. keep on suggesting for new books..

atifabdullah said...

wslm.thanks mieza for reading this blog...I'll see what i can do...enjoy reading ya!