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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's when I write rubbish...seriously Don't Read.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Why are you so stubborn?
How do I know you are stubborn?
Because, you would not know that I call you stubborn if you don't read this post in the first place.
Okay, I give you a chance to navigate away from this page A.S.A.P.
I'll count 1 to 10 and I'll be expecting you to leave this page.
Okay, I take that as a yes.










If you are still reading this, there would be only three explanations for it.

1. You don't understand English.
2.You are very curious on what actually I want to write about.
or maybe 3. You are just really a stubborn person.

Seriously, you'll puke after you read what I wanna write after this.
You don't mind?
Oh well, I can't stop you anyway.
But, don't blame me.

You Have Been Warned!

Nowadays, there is one thing people like to do in their blogs.
'Thing' that they call tagging.
Mizani Akmar tagged me in one of her post and as a sign of respect for her request, I'll answer all those questions.

1. How tall she should be?
I wont specify the height, and I don't want to sound mean.
But if possible, not too tall and not too short.
Slightly shorter than me is good enough.

2.What hair colour should she has?
Natural colour. The colour she was born with.

3.What kind of personality should she has?
If possible, humble and personality that necessarily complement to mine. =p

4.Older or younger?
If possible, younger or at least the same age.

5.What film actress should she most be like?
None. Actress acts.
I like naturality.
But, if you insist, Tiz Zaqyah in Nur kasih. hoho

6.What singer should she be most like?
In term of voice, if possible Taylor swift.
Tapi kalau tak boleh nyanyi pun takpe.

7.Do they need to cook?
Of course! No compromise.

8.What is her best body part?
Allah created the shapes and sizes of His servants for a reason.
Sempurna sifat sudah cukup.

9.What car should she drive.
Any car that looks like a car and IS a car. Equipped with airbags and other safety devices.

10.What one thing completely turns you on?
that 3 words. haha..somehow I feel funny to answer this.

11.Who was the girl on your mind when you were doing this survey?
Really wanna know?
Honestly, none currently.
I'm very sleepy right now.

12. Tag 6 people to do this survey to.
Taknakla. No forcing.
If you read this, feel free to do it.

Have you puke already?
like I said.
You have been warned.

Thank you for reading.