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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's when we begin another chapter of life

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

What do you want in life?
A question that no human would possibly could answer with a 'dot' in the end.
I believe it's a norm to the philosophical anthropology that desire of a normal humankind is somehow flagrantly knows no boundaries.
Me myself has so much things in the list that I always got flustered by the dreams to an extend that I don't know where and when to begin.
Nonetheless, there are some who have achieve their badly desired dreams and change those dreams into reality.
Thus, I dedicated this post to my friends who had passed SPM with technicolour.
I simply awed by the staggering capability of the few friends who managed to get up to 11 A+
be it SMAPK friends or from other schools.
Guys, my hats off to all of you!
Yes, including you who read this.
And I believe many have being offered for various programmes.
For friends who I assumed had done a lot for me for the past 5 years,
take this video I have made as a sign of thank you.

Some might have made up their mind, with or without scholarships he wants to study abroad.
And some have decided that local education is the best for them.
No matter what we choose for our future, I hope it's going to be the best for us eventually.
May the 'flight' we'll be taking, the 'fligh't of success will take us to a destination that we have been visualize in our dreams.
And whatever it is, I hope time and 'situations' will not change us to something that we have been dreaded to become and in contrary we will become a better person:mind and soul
Do tell me if I change to someone that I don't even want to be in the future
May Allah guide us all the way....

Little trivia about this short clip:
I took two days to make this clip. This is my second attempt of doing such video.
Sorry for those who are not in the vid.
Those pics are the only pics I got from few friends mentioned in the vid.
If there should be any elements that hurts somebody's feelings in the vid, I apologies for that. None is intended.

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!