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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's when again hard work is required

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

The long lapse from my previous post has created a some kind of lacuna as if I don't want to write anymore.
Pardon me, the process of entering a university should take my time less.
Anyway, varsity life is just getting started.
I cannot tell whether it is fun or the other way around.
What I can tell you guys is just that the orientation week or better known as Minggu Destini Siswa in UiTM was so debilitating, especially for my ears and eyes.
Four and a half full days of talks talks and talks.
And the word I couldn't possibly forget which I heard over and over again during all those talks is 'ANDA'
ANDA mestilah bla bla
ANDA adalah bla bla bla
ANDA merupakan bla bla bla
ANDA harus bla bla bla
The most popular word that week I'd say.

The Place
Very familiar. I've been to UiTM Shah Alam lotsa times before.It's just this time I get the opportunity to explore the place as a legal member of the university.
+ the pool
+ the futsal court
+ the tennis court
+ other courts
+ the Gym
+ the library
+ etc

The Room(which I rather call dorm)
Perindu is the name. 8 room mates (very welcoming so far). Bed, area for studying and a locker. walking distance to faculty and classes.
And yes, we have washing machine!

The Class
Audi or classroom. The place for studying.

The Place For Munch2
The nearest is DC. Washington DC,haha yeah rite.
Nama nak glamour.
Dataran Cendekia:Girls usually eat here, bcoz it's close to the girls college.
Next option, nearby shauqi cafe(which is currently closed) or seksyen 2.

Leisure Park
Cannot be identified yet...=P

This Monday will be the first class of this semester.
Can't wait.
And yes, I have to mention....
Now, I have the Federal Constitution book in my bag!
New shoes,
New shirts,
New books,
New friends,
New environment,
New spirit,
New records coming right up!
This is the start of something new.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Till we meet again in the next post.

Thanks for reading!
Take Care!