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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's when you worth it!

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Including this post, I've posted 41 posts altogether in my blogging months (I think).
That's too little of a number I guess.....
But never mind, at least I keep this blog alive still no matter what...
And for that, thanks to friends who urged me to update my blog.
Even though updating blog can be frustrating at times, for the faithful readers in the list, I keep my determination high to update it.
Because sometimes, my eyes will get so sore while updating that I have to use eyemo (aimo) to treat them and continue writing.

I like to greet you guys with nice words and I want to assure you guys that I'm not a great blogger as I know life is a long lesson in humility. It's never worth it to boast what we have in life. But sometimes I did. So,forgive me for that. As a normal human being, I always forget.
Thanks to all bloggers too for showing me that life is not the primrose path all the way in our life. Base on your stories and ideas shared it shows that in life there are bumps and holes that we need if not to evade, we have to endure them.
This blog is not mainly based on my experience as if it is so then it'll be just about a story of a guy. We need to include the story of a girl too as we live in bi-gender world. Not for a short time but thousands and millions of years it has been. Thus including both stories will broaden our views and perspectives on each other.
After all, this world is not just about me in the world of mine. It's about everyone.
Nevertheless, upon any other, I'll write what I please :D.

I like to read people's blogs because I can see many people like to express their thoughts in a form of words using virtual pen (penamaya). Sometimes when we see certain people have the characteristic like ominous silence but in reality they are not silent inside. Let your whispers unplugged. Shout it out!
Thus, we can conclude that:
Blogs let people to unleash sparks of ideas (cetusan idea) in a very easy way.

On my point of view, blogging activity really helps in urging people to make the revolution that we need in our life. In stead of keeping your ideas and thoughts to yourselves, why not share them with everyone. If not verbal, written would be enough.
This is because, in life we need to share things to develop a better society. We are human. And human make mistakes. Sometimes, we need others to correct us.
Self assessment:
Have you ever heard of the words perfect.amiable.notable.happy :)
They are good qualities of life but believe it or not, sometimes we need the words ordinary.unfriendly.invisible.sad.
It's true we need those negatives qualities at times. For example when I read Wan Mohd Firdaus' Spot, ciknadia, Dian Fitria blogs the negative qualities that we are thought negative are sometimes needed in life.

Now, I'm feeling like wanting to ZZzzZZ...but I have to finish this.

I'm tired of trying to be perfect. Perfectionist hobby is altering alteration until they ended up : not knowing what to do anymore. Being a perfectionist will instill a straitjacket feeling inside you that will tell you making mistakes in life is untolerable. I don't like that.
We learn from our mistakes.
My rendition for my ideas might seem lame most of the time. Forgive me. I'm still learning.
But still, blogging makes me wiser, if not much, a little. I was stupid at things like this
once upon a time ago. But now....I am wiser on doing this.

So, listen to this ladies and gentlemen, this is the melody of life and
Because this is my virtual pen (kupunyatintamaya) that will always write about

Thanks for reading guys!
Take care!

p/s:sorry klau ade blogs yg tak termasuk....will try it in other post...=)


JeP said...

No one writes the perfect post, myself included. We learn every time we publish a post. To each their own and to others theirs. Your doing a good job at your blog, so keep it up!

P.S : Amboi2, thanks for the subliminal promotional ad for our blogs hahaha!

atifabdullah said...

jep:thanks jep! i's because you worth it!see u this coming raya....=)

zuhdi farhan said...

wat best ape promote blog aku?