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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's when you know what I wanna write

Assalamualaikum and a very good day mate!
Dear Readers,

Realize it or not, we are already in the final days of Ramadan for this year.
Time does fly really fast nowadays......

We don't really have to check the calendar though..
When the scenario below happens, we know we are already in the end of Ramadan.
Really......typical Malaysian's attitude...

The 'sof' in the mosque for tarawih is decreasing.....
Bubur lambuk giveaways is really hard to find...
Firecrackers sounds are everywhere....
Raya songs are being played over and over again by the radio stations....
Food bazaar's stalls are decreasing.....
and many more..=p

It's really heartbreaking that Ramadan will leave us in just few days, but not to forget the specialty in this last 10 Ramadan.....
There's this one night we should seek for in this last 10 of Ramadan.
It's the night of Qadr where this night is greater than 1000 month.
Let us all seek for it and His blessings.
Good luck all!
I hope I'll not miss my chance.

Let's make it a better Ramadan this year!

Thanks for reading guys!
Take Care


PakTam said...


PakTam doa semoga kita sama2 beroleh kemenangan pada Ramadhan kali ini. Keep writing! PakTam see this as a positive development!


atifabdullah said...

thanks paktam! InsyaAllah...cant wait to see paktam,maktam n ainul come home in the near future...i'll do my best...=)