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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 2, 2010

this could be the start of something new???

Here we go again....a new year came by.....and another year walked away.....It seems just like yesterday I started my first crawl into this unique world...and now I'm planning for my life for the next 5 months for them not to be wasted just like that....On the 31 December 2009,I spent the last day of the year differently this time.....usually I'll be in a place which I called home to welcome the new year....but this year it's a whole different story...

It's never planned, but it just 10.00 a.m on the 31 December 2009 I went to KL by bus to go back to a place where I 'self-proclaimed' my kingdom....SUNWAY PYRAMID ICE-SKATING RINK...arrived in KL at 12.30 p.m, I took the monorail to get to Bukit Nanas to transit to LRT station at KLCC to get down to Kelana Jaya. The journey was indeed tiring but I got used to such situation....and even had faced something more tormenting than uncle and my aunt fetched me as soon as I arrived there.....we made our effort to Domino's pizza for lunch and went to Armanee condos(my uncle's and my aunt's dwelling)

After performing my duty as a Muslim, we took a short siesta and made ourselves to Sunway Pyramid as planned.

When I reached there, my heart was torn apart, how I wish the old times could be played again and again and again. I still remember the first time I was brought there(Sunway Pyramid)by my another aunt. Since that day, we(me, my sister and cousins) never let our 365 days went by without making a 'pit stop' at Sunway ice-skating memorable those days were! Maybe you who read this cannot feel what I feel right now but how I wish I could express 'it' to the world.....when I set my skates on the ice-skating rink, I felt as if my heart beat slower and slower when I realise my visit that day was not as similar to the old times.not even close.....there were just me and Nab. No yah(my sister), no Tiqah(myt cousin), no makngah, no jep, no andi, like they used to and even my parents and siblings were not there! :-(

.......BLABLABLA.....done ice-skating, then we had a splendid dinner at SUBWAY....sedap!....after we finished dinner, we went home(armanee)...and wanna know something?...tomorrow is the start of another new year and my uncle had his own way to celebrate it....he brought me and my cousins to GENTING HIGHLAND!yup...I'm not kidding....from Damansara to Genting highlands! exciting is that....having a ride like a roller coaster that night whereby my uncle sped at 150 km per hour climbing the way to Awana resort with his alfa romeo..talking about being crazy...we were that night!....watching the firework just 'exploded' and cracking beside you is one spectacular experience that I will never forget....after the fireworks, we had a stroll around Awana and then we head home.....before I slept that night, how I realise...I just arrived in KL in the afternoon and how miracle it was to have the time to do all those things(stated above) in just......not even a day!