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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's about things you probably want to do before 18


Dear Readers......

About less than a month, I'll be turning 18...
Lets see, according to the law I can legally:

3.Donate Blood
4.Get married
5.Apply for most jobs
6Apply for a University(pursuant to the exam result of course)

Nonetheless, just because they are legal for me to do, it doesn't mean I can do, right?
Smoking?...I'm allergic to smoke...
Drinking?....I'm a's a forbidden thing to do
Donating blood, how about doing that on your 18th birthday.....
Getting married?haha..are you kidding me...

Here is a list that I think I want to do before turn legal...haha

1.Stay up all night
I want to enjoy every minutes of my life as a child
according to section 2 under child act 2001

2.Have a perfect crush
haha...mcm malas je kot..

3.Have a job
I have it already, but still looking another.Maybe McD in the Curve will be perfect.
I heard they could use some workers there.

4.Watch a foreign movies
I'm watching 1 Litre Of Tears now.Looking foward to find a French movie, a good one.Any suggestion?

5.Have the courage to dump bad friends
Well, if you can't change them, better leave them right?Or they will lead you to disaster eventually.

6.Visit primary and secondary schools
After all, these are the places where we learned to be what we are today.

7.Cry before the clock struck 12 a.m before your birthday
because your not ready to be an adult? need.but some might do it.

8.Go to a magic show
For the last time before turn to adult, the ages where we think magic is bullsh*t.haha

9.Fail miserably at something and not regret it.
haha.Done that actually.No need to do it again.

10.Be confident
Need a lot of it to face a more challenging world.

11.Donate money to charity.
Insya Allah.

12. Travel to foreign country.
I really want to go to U.K before my birthday. But after birthday pun boleh la.

13.Go dancing in the rain.
If people see an adult do this, they will think he is crazy. But not Teenagers. =)

14.Study something random for fun.
Any suggestion?

15.Do some research about my family tree.
Could be fun.

16.Win an award or a trophy.
This one is hard.

17.Meet people who have the same name with me.
This should be fun.

18.Own a pointless collection.
Who knows it could be worthy in the future.
One man's junk, is another man's treasure.

19.Pass the driving test.
Wish me luck.If everything goes well. By 18th Feb, I'll get my license.

20.Hang out with old buddies at memorable childhood place.
How reminiscent.

21.Learn to play new sport.
How about paint-ball.Tak pernah try lagi.

22.Know your grandparents better.
They might be a very renowned person from the past you know.

23.Say 'I Love You'.
To your family.Appreciate them. and maybe to a special someone.haha.;-)

24.Forgive someone.
Let it be a new begining.

25.Ride a horse.
For some reason I'm not sure. I want to do this.

26.See one thing that is 'The world Largest'.
Anything can be. World's largest person maybe.

27.Learn new cultures.
Spread your mind. See something different and differently.

28.Learn how to love your body?
I could use a little bit of grooming. ;-)

29.Attend an interview.
For anything.Just want to try it.

30.Write a script or a song.
I could use a little bit of my creativity.

31.Form a band.
Haris! Maybe I'll think over your offer to join your nasyid band.haha.

32.Write a children book.
Nobody knows children better than children themselves.

33.Witness a solar eclipse.
Darn it! I miss this!

I think that's all I'm thinking right now. Too many things to do. So little time! ;-)

okay people!

Thanks for reading guys!