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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's funny and annoying


Dear readers......

Have you ever being told to not to do something, while the people who told you so is doing something he forbid you to do?

Have you ever being sued or arrested for something that's transgressing the law?

Are you wondering why the heck I'm asking these questions?

Yesterday, I went to a session court( is that what they call mahkamah sesyen in english?haha).
It was a drug case this time, and that day was the trial. But that isn't the thing that I want to talk about. It's a bit less interesting than that but yet it is vital for me to talk about it just the same.
When I sat on the bench outside the court, I saw a bunch of cops who partially were the witnesses and partially were the bailiff for the case that day. They were having a conversation amongst them. That's not the problem though, but the problem was, they were talking while they were smoking while this sign(below) was clearly portrayed in front of them.

smoking is bad for your health

I don't really mind if they want to smoke and ruin their own lungs, but because of them I was too a smoker(passive smoker) that day.
You know what! The funny part was to look at a bunch of law enforcers, transgressing the law in front of your very eyes at a place where justice is being made.
Where is justice when cops always tell us to abide by the rules when they themselves are making fun of the law itself.
Smoking in front of a 'non smoking area' sign is not acting as a good paradigm to the public. Sorry cops, justice should be stand! If I were old enough I can sue you guys for your action.
Who are suppose to be blamed?
The cops?
The system?
or me for taking things too seriously?
you decide!

haha...kelakar la encik2 polis!