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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Albert Einstein

Monday, November 29, 2010

The path we chose

Assalamualaikum and good day!

We all have a path to choose.
Through valleys and hills we go.
Sometimes we fret and frown, thinking whether is this the right path we chose?
What if we can turn back and take the other road not taken and see what ourselves will become?
But that's life right?
we need to let go of something to get something else in return.
And Allah definitely have some reasons to put the path that we have chosen in front of us instead of the other.
When I ask some of my friends what they are doing(studies) currently, I often get the answer 'Matrik je' or 'diploma local je'.
I mean, seriously, is going to matriculation college and taking diplomas in Malaysia that bad?
or it's just us that when hear someone taking matriculation program we tend to downgrade them because of our pathetic mentality.

True, some who went to matriculation don't get perfect or excellent grades in their SPM.
True, they made mistakes and play around when they are suppose to study for the major public exam.
True, it is totally their fault for not focusing sufficiently.
That includes me though.
But hey!

Point to ponder.
Is SPM really that important?
Is it really the turning point of our lives?

If you ask me, I partially disagree.
Because, to succeed in life is one thing but to succeed in academics is another.
Because no matter where we study, in the end of the day we'll be wondering whether we can find a good job or not and how big money we can earn.

Another point to ponder.
Does going to famous college or universities ensures us good jobs?
In these current days.
Or it's just a thing that we can brag to our children one day?
Because we are different from the norm?
But one point, is it important?

Whatever it is I rather believe in the Creator.
What He has provided upon our ways those things are the best for us.
Because He knows everything while we are not.

Take care guys.

p/s:takde niat pun nak condemn kawan2 yg pg universiti bagus2/ fact i'm proud of u guys!sekadar renungan bersama terutama rakan seperjuangan di Malaysia.=)


aeisyah.yazeedah said...

saya memahami. ahah

Mr Lonely said...

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tqa said...

yup. dnt judge a university by the name :)
u neva noe,,
try smell my uni entrance.hancing kot.LOL

atifabdullah said...

ecah:terima kasih..haha
tqa:hahaha...sngt menarik,potpourri kot,salah bau ni..=p